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Module 1: Feeding Your Sexy Body

Do you struggle with body image and/or your relationship with food? For many of us, body weight has played a negative role in our lives for far too long. Together, let’s flip the script and re-learn what it means to give ourselves unconditional love.

This module includes:

  • Welcome video and a minimum of four weekly coaching/counseling concepts with interactive homework assignments:
    • Discussing body image and weight issues. Why we have them. Where do your beliefs come from? Exercise to bring awareness to your body emotionally.
    • Learn about what holes you’re trying to fill emotionally and getting real about what you are putting or not putting in your mouth. Exercise to start finding and using healthier ways to get your needs met emotionally, physically and mentally.
    • Discussion on meal preparation. Debunking the excuses. Exercise to help bring awareness to wasted time.
    • Learn several tools and ways to meal prep for you and/or your family. Plan includes ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Meal prep ranges from
      fully cooked a prepared at home to easy on-the-go tips for busy lives. Booklet contains detailed information, recipes and ideas.
  • Four guided meditations that will help your mind, body, spirit and emotions heal more quickly and reduce stress related to body image and weight challenges.
    • 20-minute meditation to help cleanse old beliefs.
    • 25-minute meditation to get you in touch and connected with your body.
    • 30-minute meditation to manifest your future self.
    • Guided sleep meditation with affirmations to take into your dream time
  • Printed booklet, “Feeding Your Sexy Body from which Dee will be teaching, coaching, and educating from. You will receive them about a week before before the module begins. We live in a technological world. Having a booklet in front of you to write down your thoughts and concepts will hold you more accountable. Also, research shows that writing down our thoughts and having the ability to read back over them deepens your healing.
  • Monthly virtual Q&A with Dee (via Zoom) toward the end of the month after all weekly coaching videos and homework assignments have been completed.


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