Empowering women to embrace this beautiful, crazy-ass life.

Sexy Sassy Pants is dedicated to creating and cultivating communities around authenticity. Through our monthly modules — an innovative subscription model that addresses varying life topics through weekly counseling videos,  guided meditations, an interactive booklet, and virtual Q&As with Dee — we provide the tools and resources to help you become the best version of yourself. Our goal is to foster a safe space for enlightened hearts and minds to connect and celebrate our sexy sassy selves.


Laughter, curiosity, and a little bit of sass.

Nobody’s perfect. But with a little bit of courage, authenticity, and willingness to change, you will find the strength to challenge yourself, dig deeper into what’s no longer working, and face your biggest fears. The best news? You don’t have to do it alone. My name is Dee, and I am committed to being your personal champion. Together, we can:

    • =Explore a custom self-care approach that works for you
    • =Awaken and heal both mentally and spiritually
    • =Cultivate new community connections
    • =Explore a custom self-care approach that works for you
    • =Gain new insights and perspectives
    • =Learn new strategies and skills
    • =Challenge old belief systems
    • =Exercise our minds
    • =HAVE FUN!

    Providing tools & resources to help you thrive


    Coaching Videos

    Guided Meditations

    Interactive Booklets

    Virtual Q&As

    Jumpstart your healing journey

    monthly modules

    A sexy sassy spin on the traditional self-help approach

    Together, we challenge.

    You are not alone. Let’s dig in and work through the difficult questions together.

    Together, we laugh.

    Doing the work is serious stuff, but there’s always room for fun and laughter.

    Together, we grow.

    Taking a deeper look is the first step in recognizing what you have outgrown.

    What Clients Appreciate

    I ask the hard questions.

    My belief and confidence in them.

    I am there for them whether we are laughing or crying.

    My spiritual depth and openness.

    Being part of a zero-judgment environment.

    I keep it real.

    THE SEXY SASSY Difference

    Dee’s Holistic Approach

    The cornerstone of my practice is an emphasis on balance — achieving synergy among the MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, and EMOTION. I begin by getting to know you and developing a genuine understanding of who you are as a whole. From there, we will integrate monthly life topics, self-care exercises, guided meditations, and community connection to begin your healing journey and help you achieve your sexiest sassiest life.

    Undergraduate in Psychology; Master of Arts in Community Counseling.

    Over 28 years combined experience in consulting and counseling fields.

    NCC, LPC, Life Therapist, SP; Nationally Board Certified Counselor, HIPAA Compliant.

    Certified Shamanic Practitioner specializing in illumination, soul retrieval, and extraction.

    Certified in Brainspotting. Advanced training in trauma and sexual and physical abuse.

    Over 25 years of specialized expertise in problem solving and goal setting


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    Prairie du Sac, WI 53578