monthly modules

MONTHLY  Modules

Sexy Sassy Pants’ exclusive module subscription service is designed to support you every step of the way in your healing journey.

The Sexy Sassy Pants module subscription challenges the traditional self-help approach in favor of a more interactive program that’s always in constant motion — a never-ending journey just like everyday life!  

Our monthly modules are designed to explore a specific emotion and/or life topic with the goal of fostering dedicated time and space to focus on you and your personal growth. Each module is filled with the latest resources and information, tools for immediate practice, fun and engaging activities, and contemplative ideas designed to help you dig deeper than ever before.

EACH modules includeS

Coaching Videos

Guided Meditations

Interactive Booklet

Virtual Q&A


Module 1: Feeding Your Sexy Body

Do you struggle with body image and/or your relationship with food? For many of us, body weight has played a negative role in our lives for far too long. Together, let’s flip the script and re-learn what it means to give ourselves unconditional love.

Module 2: "Dee" Stressing Your Sexy Sassy Self

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Modern society is riddled with what feels like a never-ending storm of stressors. Together we can identify the excuses we tell ourselves and figure out a path for finally moving forward.

How does the module subscription work?

Three Subscription Models Designed to Meet Your Needs

Monthly Module Subscription

Receive monthly modules for $49.99 per month — always free shipping!


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