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Module 3: Turning Unresolved Grief Into a Sexier Sassier You

In the delicate realm of emotional well-being, unresolved grief stands as a poignant and intricate subject deserving of compassionate exploration. Grief, a natural response to loss, can become a persistent companion when left unaddressed, casting a shadow on one’s journey towards healing. The process of mourning is deeply personal, and when grief remains unresolved, it may manifest in unexpected ways, affecting mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. This module invites individuals to navigate the terrain of their emotions, providing a safe space to explore, understand, and ultimately release the lingering threads of grief.

This module includes:

  • Welcome video and a minimum of four weekly coaching/counseling concepts with interactive homework assignments:
    • Discussing unresolved grief. Why we have it and six areas it comes from.
    • In-depth discussion on anger, perpetual caregiving and numbing out. Exercises to work through this process.
    • In-depth discussion on stuck grief, anger at self, and current situational grief. Exercises to work through this process.
    • Learn several tools and ways to heal your unresolved grief. We will discuss many different concepts so you can find the ones that will work for you.
  • Four guided meditations that will help your mind, body, spirit and emotions heal more quickly and reduce stress.
    • 15-minute meditation to get in touch with yourself regarding unresolved grief.
    • 30-minute meditation to start release and healing of unresolved grief.
    • 30-minute meditation on forgiveness and how to embrace letting go.
    • Guided sleep meditation to help you let go of any stuck feelings and emotions.
  • Printed booklet, “‘Turning Unresolved Grief Into a Freer, Sexier, Sassier You Dee will be teaching, coaching, educating directly from these booklets. You will receive them about a week before before the module begins. We live in a technological world. Having a booklet in front of you to write down your thoughts and concepts will hold you more accountable. Also, research shows that writing down our thoughts and having the ability to read back over them deepens your healing.
  • Monthly virtual Q&A with Dee (via Zoom) toward the end of the month after all weekly coaching videos and homework assignments have been completed.


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